Bike Fitting


Our Shimano Bike Fitting system works with a professional step by step process with consultation, measurement and evaluation. We can use it for any type of bike and riding style. The result is a bike fit that addresses your comfort, your personal riding goals and your preferences. We can use this system to select the correct size bike before purchasing, but equally to fit your existing bike.

We use the Shimano cleat fitting tool in the bike fit process to recommend the correct riding shoes and cleat alignment. This service is also available separately.

Fit ups are by appointment, please allow for 90 minutes and wear your riding apparel (shirt, short, socks and shoes) which we can also supply as part of the fit up service (we have a changing room). The fit up process is in 3 steps:


Firstly, we listen to the type of riding that you enjoy, your objectives for undertaking a fit and any pre-existing injuries or conditions that you might have.




Secondly, we take the requisite measurements: height, inseam, arm and torso length, foot size and shoulder width. We then key these into the bike fit system which yields an optimal bike geometry for you.




Lastly, we set up the bike with the calculated results and fit the best seat, bars and stem and get you riding in-store on our wind trainer. This allows us to fine tune everything with your muscles warmed up.